Buy Strong Wooden Crates & Packing Cases

We Can Manufacture Custom Crates & Cases Incredibly Quickly To Any Size Required

Wooden Crates & Shipping Cases

Buy quality wooden shipping crates, cases and boxes

Our custom made wooden shipping crates & cases, boxes and open pallets are ideal for protecting items transported across the UK. or internationally. They can be manufactured quickly and each wooden case or crate is produced to the exact dimensions needed by our customers. Solid wooden crates & cases can be produced and shipped assembled or flat. We also manufacture custom made reusable or collapsible clip-lock OSB plywood crates or cases for convenient storage.

Wooden crates and boxes can be made for art or as protection for machines & other industrial products.

Of course, as professional wooden shipping crate & case manufacturers, all of our ISPM 15 wooden shipping crates, cases or other timber packaging is heat treated & certified for export. So if you need wooden packing crates or cases and boxes for exporting art, such as oil paintings, valuable pictures, sculpture or other items that you’ve sold – we can certainly help. Strong heat treated wooden crates are perfect for protecting paintings, sculpture and all kinds of artwork being exported to your buyers or for any exhibitions where your work is to be displayed. Even when it comes to very large heavy industrial machinery that requires extremely strong reinforced heavy duty crates, we can supply the perfect timber packaging solutions with extremely short lead times. Wooden crates or cases for delicate scientific equipment can also be manufactured to ensure safe & secure transport within the UK or for any exports of laboratory equipment you need to make.

Wooden crates and boxes for export of motorcycles and cars

We can always be relied on to manufacture and supply clients quickly with a special wooden packaging case for motorcycles and even classic cars. Essentially whatever you plan to ship, we will be happy to provide bespoke ISPM 15 heat-treated wooden export boxes and containers to protect your cargo.

Wooden Shipping Crates for Motorbikes & Cars.
Wooden Shipping Cases & Crates for ADR Deliveries.

Wooden Crates for Your ADR Deliveries

Wooden chests and packing cases for your personal possessions

Wooden packing cases are also perfect for protecting personal belongings during domestic UK, European or Worldwide house moves or business relocations. So if you are moving or have a second home on the continent and want to safely send your personal belongings, such as a large screen TV and household or antique furniture, then our wooden boxes and crates will provide you with fabulous protection during the transporting of your possessions.
Fast production of export crates & cases with short delivery times for so you can meet your urgent deadlines is at the heart of what we do as a business.

We not only produce your wooden packing cases, packaging boxes and crates very quickly: we can also offer extremely competitive pricing on shipping your cases & crates to your required destination once they’re packed. When you first contact us about wooden export crates, let a member of our team know that you are working on a tight deadline and we will let you know when exactly we can build & deliver your custom timber crates or cases. We can usually make wooden packaging including heat treated timber export crates or cases on the day of ordering if you have left things to the very last minute. It really is rare we can’t ensure you meet your shipping deadlines even when you have cut ordering time very fine.

We can help you with exporting your products in our wooden shipping crates and cases

Buy bespoke wooden shipping crates and boxes which are made in the UK with extremely short lead times.

Not only can we make your protective wooden crates or cases, we can even provide a global shipping service for when you’ve packed your shipping crates & need to ship them. Our consolidated shipping service for when your wooden export crates & cases are packed & ready to ship could save you huge sums of money.

Why don’t you just ask us to quote for your international shipment when arranging your timber cases or crates? As a transport company and freight carrier, we can almost always process your orders at discounted prices for international deliveries. With our regular European and intercontinental shipments, we can offer discounted groupage / consolidated freight rates for LCL shipments or full container shipping.

We also build bespoke crates and packing cases for prototype vehicles, vintage or classic cars & motorcycles. We can then arrange to safely transport your classic vehicles throughout the UK, Europe or Worldwide. So if you need custom made wooden packing crates or cases made quickly and delivered to any mainland UK address or offshore – simply contact us for a quote.

Larger orders of custom made wooden packing crates & cases can of course be delivered in artics to all major UK cities such as: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Nottingham, Derby, Newcastle etc etc. But deliveries to difficult to access residential addresses can also be provided using smaller vans from our large fleet of delivery vehicles.