Wooden Shipping Cases & Crates for ADR Deliveries

A Custom Built Case or Crate can Enhance Protection of Hazardous Materials in Transit.

ADR Packaging – Quality Timber Crates for Your ADR Deliveries

Choose strong wooden crates or cases from DEFENDA to enhance ADR packaging for any hazardous materials or dangerous goods you’re transporting.

Heavy duty shipping crates & cases can be custom made to almost any size required & are particularly useful for clients sending dangerous goods or hazardous materials domestically to customers in the U.K. or internationally to European or other worldwide destinations.

We produce bespoke packing cases or crates very quickly in ISPM 15 certified & stamped timber — allowing them & their contents to be exported trouble free to destinations with restrictions on imported timber packaging & other wood products.

If you need to discuss having custom wooden boxes & containers made to help protect any ADR shipments you are planning… simply call us and a member of the Defenda Crates team will be happy to help with any questions you may have.

If you need advice about our in house ADR shipping services to U.K. & global destinations just enquire at the time of ordering your crates or cases.

Our wooden packaging is capable of providing significantly enhanced protection when combined with your existing protective packaging for ADR deliveries. We always advise that you speak to your own DGSA to ensure it is suitable for your particular shipment before ordering.

We always endeavour to produce wooden packaging extremely quickly & can often manufacture upon the day of receiving orders. However, we would always advise allowing a few days whenever possible. Crates & cases for your ADR materials may require a little longer to discuss design so should be planned slightly further ahead.

As part of a transport & logistics company we can provide a range of ADR delivery services in light commercials or heavy goods vehicles throughout the UK or Europe. We can even provide delivery of hazardous materials globally by utilising our network of partner carriers.

If you need an ADR courier for deliveries why not visit www.defendacouriers.co.uk

Contact us about our custom built wooden crates or cases which are constructed from heat treated ISPM 15 certified timber for export use.